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About the Next STEPP Center

The Next STEPP Center is a nonprofit Christian organization offering life-affirming solutions to women, men and families facing unintended pregnancy and resources to pregnant and parenting women and their families. We aim to empower women and men to make life and lifestyle choices that promote their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We help families take the BEST next steps for life!

We offer families "Life, Help, & Hope"; Life by counseling on life-affirming alternatives to abortion; Help through support, education, and providing material resources, and Hope as we present the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. Our clients receive free, confidential, easily accessible services.

We are a unique pregnancy center that serves clients in a predominately African American community and are located in an economically challenged area of South St. Petersburg, Florida. Only a few pregnancy centers around the country have opened in urban areas, and of them, very few have been able to sustain operation. However, through prayer and support from churches, organizations and individuals, we have been able to serve our community continually since opening (as St. Petersburg Pregnancy Center, Inc.) in 1993.

The Next STEPP Center serves everyone regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, economic or marital status, however, because the majority of our clients are African American, we are particularly concerned that the lives of nearly 45% of all African American babies end in abortion. With that in mind, we are also the Next STEPP to the community as we Support, Treasure, Educate, Promote and Preserve a culture of life in the community.